Entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, SMEs, and even big multinational corporations are looking forward to coworking spaces. Collaboration, networking opportunities, cost-effective packages, flexibility, and so on are all advantages that a traditional workplace can not provide. People choose to work in coworking spaces to increase their productivity in a collaborative environment.

However, despite having all the advantages and a collaborative environment, some people suffer from a decreasing level of productivity. So, how can you maintain a high level of productivity when working in a coworking space? In this post, you will find eight tips or techniques that you can follow to get away from the monotony of coworking space work and increase productivity.

8 Techniques to Increase Productivity in Coworking Spaces

Choose A Desk Layout That Works Best For You

Traditional offices have a fixed pattern and limited desks with organised seats. However, shared spaces have dedicated as well as flexible desks. Now, here you have to ask yourself what do you need? What best works for you to focus at work? Is it a supple desk or a dedicated desk? If the answer is a devoted desk plan, then pay a little more to get yourself one to increase your work productivity.

Although, working on a Flexi desk can help you be productive by not getting used to the same scenery at work. There is a flexibility of choosing your own desk daily by switching to the unoccupied desk with lesser noise and distractions. Nevertheless, the main focus is how it works to be productive for you?    

Abstract Yourself From The Distractions

The experience and environments are different if you work from the home, office, or shared space. At home, there can be one or two people from your family, and you work all alone, and at the office, there is a fixed number of people you interact with daily. In contrast, coworking spaces are different. It is all about distractions, and the very first ki distraction you will face is noise. These distractions are going to distract you from your work.

Now, what is the solution? You can use earphones if you love listening to music while working to avoid noise distraction and be productive even in that environment. But if the sound distracts you, you can use earmuffs instead. Different people work in a coworking space and can be the next distraction. But to avoid that, you can keep a board saying, “Please don’t take a break from your task” this will show them your unwillingness to communicate during work.

Apart from the above distractions, you can be a distraction for yourself. Yes, you have read it right. If you are a person with no discipline, that can be a reason for your unproductivity. Therefore, self-discipline is something you need to follow. There should be no chatting, no Youtube or social media during work.

Create Collaboration

Sometimes, following the same work routines can become monotonous and tedious. It can also lead to less productivity. When employees work in cramped cubicles, they often lose the vision that they are part of a larger team and that their coworkers are also people. So, working in a coworking space allows you to engage in meaningful conversations with other employees and collaborate with them. Though collaboration is a defining feature of coworking spaces, excessive socialising may obstruct productivity.

However, idle chit-chat leads to work postponement and waste of time. Instead of discussing various topics, you should concentrate on forming friendships and working ties with the other people in the area. It could turn into a collaboration in the future, and it will assist you in expanding and growing on a larger scale while increasing your productivity in the present.

Take Advantage Of Flexible Working

Working in a flexible environment was never an option in the past. But, the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2022 has forced all to work from home at our flexibility. This vision existed before the epidemic, but many people only realised it after the pandemic. And in coworking, one of the most appealing aspects is that it has room for flexibility, which you may use to boost your productivity. If it’s the morning, when you are more productive, you can go to your coworking office first thing in the morning and finish your job before it becomes too crowded.

Want to beat the morning rush and get a head start on the day? You can adjust your working hours as needed. Likewise, you can increase your productivity by making a hybrid work model for yourself. You can work from home for a few days and then work in shared spaces. Also, pay-per-use membership plans are best suited for people following this model. You have to prioritise things, and then you are ready to tap into the benefits of flexible coworking.

Make A Schedule For Your Day

Schedules have always been a vital aspect of productivity, whether from home or in a coworking environment. Time is a valuable commodity. You can’t squander it in vain. Due to a lack of time, you could not complete the tasks on time. Therefore, you need to prioritize your daily work based on the deadlines and make a schedule to follow. A list of all the chores you must perform during the workday should be in your schedule. It should also take into account the breaks you’ll be taking. As a result, preparing your day can help you be more productive and effective at work.

Fight Your Enemy Procrastination

Procrastination is a harmful habit that can negatively impact your work performance. But here’s the rub: why does it happen to individuals? It occurs due to unwillingness to complete a task that one dislikes or even despises. You must be thinking about why a person will hate the work? Here let us take an example of a freelancer who works on different projects that they don’t even like. Assume you’re a freelancer tasked with converting writing infographics with designing. You don’t know much about design, but you can make it with the help of a third-party program. You begin working with the tool and discover that this tool is trickier than you anticipated.

What are you going to do? You start procrastinating on the task. However, you must complete it by the end of the working day. So, how do you break free from procrastination? To break free from procrastination, you must take a few measures. Break down your task into a few subtasks and work on each separately. Then, at all times, specify deadlines for each subtask. Finally, after completion, take some time to relax.

Utilise Technology

One of the advantages of working in a coworking space is that you may use numerous technological conveniences that can help you be more productive at work. Another strategy to boost your productivity in coworking spaces is to leverage technology. You can optimise your work with technology and advanced tools like printers, scanners, air conditioners, and other technical gear. There is a range of productivity apps for organising and keeping track of your daily duties, several of which are especially handy for coworkers.

For example, using an app that syncs your events to your laptop can benefit you. You might also need to host a webinar, which some webinar software systems can assist you. Technology integration into your everyday job routine is a must-have choice that you should never overlook. Therefore, using these multi-purpose planning apps can help you attain successful goals and systematically boost productivity.

Incorporate Activity Into Your Monotonous Work

When work becomes monotonous, it becomes intolerable. Boredom, on the other hand, is the arch-enemy of productivity. Therefore, indulging in other unrelated activities is essential to be alive with your productivity. If you see a ping pong table in a coworking space, take advantage of the opportunity to play this sport. Engaging yourself in other activities can save you from boredom.

Let’s say you have an eight-hour workday. After four hours of labour, you can take a “sports break.” It will provide you with extra energy to complete the remaining tasks. Working without a break can highly affect your productivity level and lead you to hate working.

Bottom Line

Exploring the possibilities of coworking spaces to enhance productivity is a terrific thing to do whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or an employee. Don’t fool yourself into believing that non stop working is the only way to increase productivity. It is the only way to become exhausted. As stated, there are a few fundamental methods you may use to boost your workplace efficiency. Therefore, follow the suggestions, avoid the coworking space rut, and increase productivity.

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