Switching from WFH to a coworking space: easy or difficult?

If you’re somebody who has been working from home for several years, making the switch to a coworking space can be a challenging decision.

Let’s face it: working from home has a lot of advantages. The most significant benefit is the time and money saved in travelling to and fro from home to office and then back home. Other benefits, such as the ability to manage household chores or looking after pets are also significant.

However, working from home comes with a few disadvantages as well and these are some very major things to note about. First, it can be extremely lonely, especially if your profession does not need you to interact with a large number of people.

Over the last two years, coworking has exploded all over the world. More than 835,000 people worked out of coworking spaces in 2020, according to one research. This number

Several million dollars in funding has been secured by the leading companies in this field to help them develop their global footprint.

So what are the actual benefits of a coworking space that make it worthy of the hassle?

1.    Networking.

Some people enjoy interacting with others. Others are terrified by it. The benefit of coworking spaces is that they accommodate both types of workers equally. But regardless of the fact that you like making new friends at work or not, it’s definitely never going to become a source of distraction.

Coworking, contrary to common belief, does not need you to put on a phoney grin in front of dozens of strangers you have no intention of befriending. People of different types can be found in a coworking space, and those who choose to concentrate on their job will have no difficulty doing so.

At the same time, if you’re a startup seeking evangelists or business partners, a coworking space is a great place to start. You’re invited to idea exchanges and community activities on a regular basis, which can help you meet people who share your passion for addressing problems. You can also choose not to attend these events if you do not wish to do so.

2.    Flexible office hours

A lot of coworking spaces are only open during typical business hours. For high-growth firms that work 12 or even 14 hours a day, this may be a genuine nuisance.

But for your convenience, My Bizzy Space is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This factor makes it the most sought after as a lot of people want to rule their day and work as per their own comfort.

Some are the most creative at night, while others may be able to concentrate only in the mornings. So we decided it’s better if you choose when you need to work.

For details regarding our space, visit My Bizzy Space official website.   

3.    Necessary distraction

It’s true that you’ll have to cope with a lot more noise and talk than you would in your home office. However, tiny diversions can actually work in your favour. How? Well, they have a tendency to keep you awake.

People who work out of homes become accustomed to the peace and quiet of their home office. So out of habit, when they don’t feel very productive, they often end up taking a little nap or watching TV.

But contrary to this, in a coworking space, you’ll find people working hard all day. So the boredom factor won’t exist; pushing you to new heights of productivity and increased work results. Hence, the hours you save by being exceptionally productive more than compensate for the minutes you waste due to distractions.

4.    Costs.

We get your concerns regarding spending too much for a workplace. So here’s our reassurance.

Unless you go to the more upscale coworking places, coworking spaces aren’t prohibitively pricey.


Coworking spaces are definitely helpful and worthy of the money you spend on them. If you are somebody who works from home, we will definitely recommend you to give one a try. 

There are coworking spaces that will suit your budget and demands, regardless of whether you are a company with staff or a self-employed individual. You just need to research and find the one for yourself.

Meanwhile, we would love it if you would check out My Bizzy Space and claim your free tour. Whether you are a self-employed and freelancing professional, or just a small business with a few staff, you will love the complete aura. Here, in My Bizzy Space, we make sure you will completely fall for the atmosphere and good vibes.

Check our place out and mark your favourite desk or cubicle or cabin before somebody else grabs it!

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