We have a wonderfully convenient working space for you at My Bizzy Space. You have various choices where you can work. My Bizzy Space has commutable space for everybody where you can stay motivated for your work conveniently. The choices of accommodations may include personal tables, cabins, desks etc which will give you a serene and convenient sitting. You can get any package at an acceptable and affordable price with My Bizzy Space.


Get your private cabin where you can sit comfortably and work without any disturbance. We have small chamber like
room as well as the huge cabins for you. You can get any as per your requirement and convenience.

At Rs. 8500 per month


If you have a bit prudent requirements then we can also provide you with open desks at My Bizzy Space. With open desks also,
you will be availed with each amenity of our agency as well as a satisfying

At Rs. 6500 per month


You can conduct your meetings and conferences at My Bizzy Space. We have an aura in our co working space that will surely help you in impressing your guests. The fully air conditioned conference halls along with the catering facilities will benefit you a lot.

Start from Rs.500 per hour


We have our office registered. The location of our office is also quite good. It is located in the commercial zone of the city where you can have a convenient approach to transportation whether it is public or private. With My Bizzy Space, you will get an esteemed location for your business which will attract more people towards you.

Exquisite working environment

At My Bizzy Space, you will not have to worry for anything. You will be given the desired accommodation with every necessary facility. This professional surrounding will surely motivate you to work, the comfortable environment and staff will assist you in getting success at your feet.

Ceaseless Working Hours

There will never be any boundations for working at our office. And, it is the most desirable facility of everyone looking for a co-working space. My Bizzy Space is open 24x7 and each of the 365 days of the year. So, you can come and move forward towards success with My Bizzy Space at any hour and on any day. We have a team of professional crew who will support you in everything you want. Also, we have essential technologies for you that makes us the co- working space completely at your ease.

Keep The Working Spark In You Ignited

The ambience at My Bizzy Space will make you eager to work and will keep you motivated every time. With the amenities and supporting staff at My Bizzy Space, you will definitely feel an urge to work on your own. And, you will never feel discouraged for doing your work.

Diversified Business Quick Fix For You At My Bizzy Space

We have a number of solutions for your convenience under a roof at My Bizzy Space. These facilities include Wi-Fi facilities, air conditioned conference halls, printing, scanning and fax facilities and entirely air conditioned office will help you in making you able to work with all your heart. Our working atmosphere will make you work with contentment. With our support and help, you can also participate in entrepreneurial events. This will help you and your business grow to a greater extent.

Events That Will Assist You In Enhancing Your Business Experience

With My Bizzy Space, you do not only get a suitable working space with all necessary facilities, but you also get opportunities to be a part of entrepreneurial events. You can be a part of seminars and workshops. You will get help in gathering huge knowledge from the professionals in these events and seminars. This way you can reach heights by getting in touch with people who can inspire you and show you the way to succeed.
My Bizzy Space is a co-working space which will meet all your requirements and will provide you the most suitable and inspiring surrounding to work.