Our infrastructure &amenities make co-working a breeze… Comfortable and ergonomic work spaces; high speed internet, communications, support staff, café on premises, uninterrupted power, air conditioned atmosphere and 24x7 accessibility make co-working a breeze. There is more: we have biometric security 24x7, pick up and drop off facility and parking. We redefine the way you work.

24/7 Access

We overcome one of the greatest bottlenecks for executives, especially those from other parts of the country and that is limited working hours. My Bizzy Space is open around the clock. Burn the midnight oil and be ready for the next day meeting or rush through a project.

High Speed Wi-Fi

150Mbps internet is what you get with ample backup connection so you are always online and working at high speed. Rush through mails, surf the internet and get more work done in less time with high-speed Wi-Fi always on, always ready to go.

Scanner and printer

Scan and print without hesitation. Our scan and print facility is always on, always available. Do it yourself or get our support staff to scan or print documents for you. Standalone and networked printers are at your command.

Power backup

My Bizzy Spacehas automatic power back up supply 24x7x365. You will never face any issues of power breakdowns when you are working at My Bizzy Space. Your work is never held up. Feel the power!

Hot beverages

If you feel the need to keep fuelled while working, do not worry. Our pantry operates 24x7 and has an endless stream of hot beverages on tap to keep you firing on all four cylinders all the way, all the time.


My Bizzy Space goes beyond providing simple workspaces to offering enterprise-centric solutions. These solutions cover employee engagement, flexible spaces to accommodate needs on the fly, spaces that can be customized to suit temporary needs, smart spaces and a pay-per-person option. These are standard options and there are customizable features we will come up with if you should need them.


ecome a My Bizzy Space member and you get infinitely more in our enterprise solutions. One is employee engagement. Our team offers innovative pathways to address employee related issues. One is sharing the HR burden so you and your staff can focus more on work and productivity while being kept happily satisfied. Then we have workshops, training sessions and seminars to enhance your employee skills and bring them up to speed. Our team manages layout and seating arrangement for smooth workflows and interactions while ensuring privacy. My Bizzy Space creates a corporate environment and offers a lifestyle that is line with your work culture and ethos.


My Bizzy Space can customize space for you to suit your working methods. Our team works with you to re-arrange furniture and fixtures in a layout that is suited to your work style and requirements. Do you want your team to brainstorm today? We rearrange workspaces to make it conducive to conduct such sessions. Are you holding an interview? We can rearrange space to suit this need. Do you wish to conduct a training session or promote collaboration? Workspaces transform to suit these needs. Expand or contract space, add in more tables or remove them…anything is possible.


We understand enterprises operate in a different way and the number of employees may grow or shrink according to what you are planning and implementing. Our flexi-space facility is designed to fit right into your plans. Do you wish to launch a campaign with freshly recruited employees for the purpose? Accommodate them easily in our flexi-space arrangement. Once the campaign is over you return to your original facility. We make immediate arrangements to meet your urgent needs of extra space whenever you want. Enjoy this feature right here or anywhere across India through our associate network


Work space and environment as well as ergonomics can make quite a difference to your efficiency and productivity. We create smart, utilitarian workspaces to fit right around your way of working. Elastic workspace means you pay only for space used and person use. Shrink and expand whenever needed and never worry about availability. Plus, you have all the office equipments right at hand to make work a pleasure. We even go into minor details such as lighting as well as air quality, sound levels and temperature for absolute comfort. Save money, time and effort in a smarter space for a smarter you.


This simple arrangement by My Bizzy Space can result in a lot of savings without compromising on availability of space for your staff members. You pay only on per head use per day. If your team is out in the field, you do not pay. If you recruit temporary workers to handle special campaigns or conferences or launches, our flexible per head payment plan accommodates such requirements without being heavy on your pocket. You can even choose where to accommodate such daily changes – in the general work area or in cabins. Does it get any better than this?